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Behelfsmaske mit Deinem Motiv (antibakterieller Polyesterstoff)
Behelfsmaske mit Deinem Motiv (antibakterieller Polyesterstoff)

    Makeshift mask with your motif (antibacterial polyester fabric)

    € 16,40
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    • Limits the wearer's saliva droplets from getting into the environment
    • Provides a first barrier, reduces unconscious touches of the hands on the mouth and nose
    • Reusable masks, easy to clean, washable at 60 ° C (household linen), quick drying
    • Perfect fit
    • Elegant and aesthetic
    • Full-surface and full-color customization with your motif / logo
    • Double-sided and double-layered masks, one side in white color
    • Anti-allergic with maximally minimized bacterial growth thanks to polyester fabric with a microfilament fabric that is well insulated and pleasant to the touch
    • Wash before wearing for the first time
    • No certification - not medically or otherwise tested
    • assumes no product liability!
    • Excluded from exchange