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Yupoong Multi Cam - the newest cap in the Yupoong Camo range

by Torsten Ritscher on February 03, 2020

The styles

The Retro Yupoong Trucker Multicam and the Flexfit Multicam are made of a hard-wearing polyester, cotton blend and elastane. The Yupoong Trucker Multicam has a high-contrast mesh back and a black plastic push button, a hard buckram and a black underside of the visor. The Flexfit Multicam, on the other hand, has a hard buckram camo pattern and a snug fit. The difference between the two caps is the style.

The Yupoong Classic Snapback has a high quality forest design, a classic shape, a black plastic clasp, a hard buckram and a choice of green or black under visors.

Yupoong has been making snapback hats for 42 years and is a headgear name that you can trust so the Yupoong invisibility cap won't let you down.


Advanced hat technology

With a history that dates back to the 1970s, Yupoong has developed technologies that make it possible to wear hats indoors or outdoors in any weather. Waterproof and windproof protect the wearer from the elements.

The hats are designed to fit well and are adjustable for all head sizes. They are designed in such a way that they remain on the head even during vigorous exercises. The Hug System technology ensures that the hat is comfortable to wear all day.

The buckram adds strength and the visors are designed to keep their shape even after rough handling. The breathable material reduces sweat and is odor-resistant.

Yupoong hats are made from high quality fabrics and are the very best hats you can wear. The camouflage design helps you blend in with the wilderness or stand out in urban settings. Camos can also be personalized by adding a company logo or a personal message.


The philosophy of Yupoong

Yupoong strives to produce headwear that exceeds the regulated manufacturing standards. The company has advanced factories where quality control is paramount. Yupoong's "Zero Defect System" involves rigorous inspections to ensure that all hats are made consistently well.

Yupoong makes hats that are both fashionable and durable. They are designed so that they can be worn in any weather, whether hot, cold, wet or dry.

Tarn caps appeal to nature lovers who are looking for a reliable cap that will protect them when running, kayaking, hiking or climbing in rough terrain. They look stylish in the city too.

A hat can become part of a person's identity. Discerning people love the style and quality of the Yupoong Flexfit hats, which help to create an unmistakable personal image. While you can buy imitations, they are not the same quality as Yupoong Flexfit hats, nor do they look as stylish.

Yupoong has strict ecological business practices, with all raw materials and processes monitored so that they do not harm the planet.


Try a Yupoong multicam cap

The Yupoong Flexfit Multi Cam caps available from us, and the best way to appreciate the caps is by wearing one. Companies who want large quantities of caps or who want to add their corporate identity to caps should contact us.

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