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How are baseball caps made?

by Torsten Ritscher on August 29, 2020
The way the caps we know and love are made varies from manufacturer to manufacturer, but there is usually a common process to turn the raw materials into the stylish caps that are worn on the street.

The Umbrella
Cap visors are usually made by sewing two pieces of material together, which can be done by hand for small, exclusive batches or by machine for larger batches. A piece of plastic sheet is often inserted between the two layers of material to add strength and rigidity to the piece, although this can be replaced by a high-tech material such as the Permacurv technology found in materials like Flexfit 110 and Classics Adjustables is found.

The panels
In most cases, the crown of the cap is joined by sewing several panels together and joining the innertape at the inner seams. Some caps, such as the Flexfit Delta, avoid seams and are seamless.

Here, too, your wishes can be entirely individual. We embroider from the very first cap. But large series are no problem either.

Sweatband and crown
Typically, the last two parts of the hat that come into place are the sweatband on the brim and the crown on top.

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