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How to avoid "hat hair"

by Torsten Ritscher on April 05, 2020
Wearing a hat helps us look and feel confident. All wearers will be familiar with a problem that can arise when taking their hat off.

Especially if you have long or thick hair, you can end up with an arched, uneven look with grooves on either side of the head where the sweatband has been. But don't worry - that can be largely avoided with a little care.

Take care of your hair
The first step in minimizing the effects of "hat hair" is to take care of your hair in the first place. Use a good quality shampoo and conditioner.

The most important thing is that you dry your hair well before putting on the hat. Wet hair is much more likely to take on the shape of the hat.

Look at your style
It is also worth thinking about what hairstyles are best for wearing a hat. Generally, avoid hairstyles with a high volume of hair on the sides of the head, as this is the area most affected by the hat.

For men in particular, some fashion consultants recommend not using a comb, but instead using your hands to create a messy but trendy effect on.

Wear a good quality cap
The worse the quality of your cap, the worse the hairstyle will look. A top hat like the Flexfit Delta is breathable, moisture-wicking, antibacterial and close-fitting.


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