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How to Build Your Own Cap Brand: Part 1

by Torsten Ritscher on July 04, 2020
Headgear is often the first piece of clothing we notice when we look at someone and it is a big part of our identity. Building your own hat brand can be a lucrative and exciting experience, but where do you start?

Do research
As in any industry, it is important to do your homework. Take some time to browse stores both physically and online and spot any trends. Perhaps you can think of something that the industry lacks, but that would still fit into current fashion.

Get competence in-house
If you're new to the business world, matters like taxes and product licensing can be quite daunting, especially in a sector like headwear, where copyright is of great concern. A consultant can really help you to provide support and to give orientation and trust to your young brand.

Making waves on the web
It's very easy to set up an online store these days, even if your long-term goal is to get a store up and running on a shopping street. Take a look at existing online shops and their layout and think about what you could do differently. Best of all, you may already have a broad and appreciative audience that you can promote through your social media accounts, and if not, they can be built.

Now that we've looked at some of the key requirements for starting a cap brand, Part 2 examines how you can design, market, and sell your caps.

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