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What to avoid when wearing a baseball cap

by Torsten Ritscher on August 15, 2020
Caps are cool - there's no doubt about that - but that doesn't mean they're always stylish. Earlier this year, a picture of Labor leader Jeremy Corbyn walking out of a train toilet wearing a hat reminded us that hats are not always glamorous. So how can you make sure that your headwear is a distraction from your looks?

Hat head
Cap wearers sometimes make a spectacle of taking off their hat to reveal a head with puffed, tousled hair and a strap line across the forehead.

To avoid this problem, make sure your hat is not too tight and make sure your hair is well dried before putting on the hat.

Lack of style
Remember that your cap should complement, not contrast with, the rest of your clothing. For example, a baseball cap worn with formal pants might look a little strange and confusing.

Also consider the color. Either go with the rest of your clothes, think of popular color pairs like black and white.

Logo no-go
You might like the look of a particular logo on a hat, but do you know what it means?

For example, sports teams like the New York Yankees are often depicted on hats, but imagine wearing one and running into a Yankees fan who starts a conversation about the team. Would you be able to hold your own?

Despite these minor issues, wearing a cap is always stylish when you consider your choice.

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