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Why should you use a FlexFit Delta Cap?

by John Doe on August 31, 2020
FlexFit has a large selection of high quality hats that fit on and on every head. If you are looking for a hat that effortlessly combines comfort, performance and style, the Flexfit Delta cap is for you.

This cutting-edge cap really has it all, so let's take a look at some of its features:

Permacurve screen
All Flexfit Delta caps are supplied with a patented peak. Thanks to the Permacurve technology, you can bend or adjust the peak over and over again without damaging the shape of the hat - perfect if you are trying to keep an uncomfortable ray of sunlight away from your eyes or if you just want to wear your cap a little differently every time .

Thermal regulation
Caps shouldn't be brought to a boil, which is why the Delta has a thermoregulator that ensures that your head feels as cool as it looks. It's a breathable and lightweight cap, and with Everfresh odor-repellent and antibacterial technology as part of the makeup, you can wear it for some time without suffering any undesirable consequences.

Wind and waterproof
We believe your hats should look and feel right whatever the weather, so the Flexfit Delta is designed to withstand the elements. Whether you're being whipped by the wind on a stormy mountain or caught in a sudden downpour, the moisture-wicking sweatband ensures that your hat fits perfectly and retains its shape and texture.

Delta-glued tape
The Delta Cap avoids seams and instead uses our patented tape to join the panels on the inside of the cap together. This creates a seamless finish that adds to the comfort and aesthetics of the item while keeping it light, cool and hygienic.

Advanced umbrella
When we developed the Flexfit Delta, we wanted to create a wing that no one had made before. Aside from the previously mentioned Permacurve variant, the umbrella is now constructed in such a way that it transports moisture away from your head and keeps you cool and dry. It's equipped with an under visor that disperses sweat and helps keep the entire hat looking and feeling good, no matter how long you wear it.

Multiple forms
At Flexfit we see caps as part of a person's identity, so we always strive to offer them in different styles and shapes so that those who wear them can feel truly unique.

The Delta can be supplied with a round or box-shaped crown depending on your preference, and hat fans often choose either the shape they prefer or the one that best fits the shape of the head or face.

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