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Why you don't have to drive a truck to wear a Flexfit trucker cap

by Torsten Ritscher on October 04, 2020
With its large front, mesh crown and normally curved peak, the trucker hat is a distinctive model that has undergone a number of changes over the years. These widely recognized hats used to be a handy item that drivers received from their employees. Today, they are regularly worn by fashionable people in our cities and inner cities.

A flexfit trucker cap, which usually comes with a snapback closure, is a great looking, comfortable accessory. But how far back do these caps go and how has the way you be there changed over time?

The truckers of the 30s
As early as the 1930s, many transport companies (especially in the USA) were distributing headgear known as "mechanic's hats" to their drivers. They weren't quite the same as what we recognize as a trucker cap today, but they were designed primarily to associate drivers with their employer and often had the company's name or logo on the front .

Grow up
The caps that were distributed to vehicle drivers evolved over the years, and likely evolved into the style we know today in the 1980s.

The large front remains ideal for adding a name or logo, of course, but the caps have also got better and better for everyday demands. Since bright sunlight is often a challenge for people who spend a lot of time on the road, the caps developed a curved visor to keep the sun out of the trucker's eyes without obstructing their vision. Companies have also recognized that in hot weather, drivers who sit in their vehicles on long journeys sweat. That's why most of the cap is made of mesh to increase breathability.

Since they usually came with a snapback closure option, they stayed securely in place to ensure they didn't fall into the driver's line of sight or fly off your head when driving on streets with the windows open!

Hip-hop and rap artists like Eminem wore them, as did pop-punk bands like Blink-182. In many ways, it's another example of the anti-trending movement where dad caps have become popular with young women as these artists have taken something traditionally worn by older working class men and given it a youthful and rebellious one Awarded grade.

Gradually, trucker caps have been adopted by the mainstream, with actor Ashton Kutcher and singer Pharrell Williams pioneering their popularity.

Today the trucker cap delivers a modern style that is emphasized by its decades of history. It remains to be seen what the future will bring, but the message from us is clear - keep on trucking!

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