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Wear a Flexfit snapback as part of your uniform

by John Doe on May 26, 2020
It's normal for baseball players to wear caps as part of their team uniform, but you don't have to be a baseball team to add a Flexfit snapback to your work clothes. Some organizations see the value of a hat as part of a uniform.

Scottish Police
Police officers in Scotland are now allowed to wear baseball-style caps as part of their uniform. Until recently, only special officers, firearms units, and dog handlers wore baseball caps issued by the police, but police officers are now allowed to wear baseball caps on patrol.

The caps are clearly marked with police markings so that the public will be able to identify the wearer as police officers.

Emergency services workers
St John Ambulance provides first aid services at sports and other events in the UK. The workers wear distinctive white shirts with black ties and black epaulettes. Their hats are black St John Ambulance baseball caps with the logo on them.

Several schools in the United States allow students to wear baseball caps as part of their uniform.

Professional beach lifeguards wear bright red clothing so that they are easy to spot on crowded beaches. A baseball cap with the word "lifeguard" on it cannot be confused with its "life-saving" role. The hats also have a practical use as they protect the eyes from the sun and help lifeguards identify potential hazards.

Flexfit snapbacks as part of a uniform
Several companies have a uniform for their employees, especially those who deal directly with the public. It's easy to make custom caps as part of a uniform in our designer. A logo and / or slogan can be embroidered on the hat to help identify employees.

Thanks to the snap fastener, only one hat size needs to be ordered, as the hats adapt to all head sizes. Flexfit caps are suitable for small, medium or large organizations. They are not expensive and there is no minimum order quantity.

Flexfit caps are made to high standards and are designed to last a long time, even if staff wear them daily.

At we know that your employees want to look stylish, which is why we embroider our snapbacks in a range of attractive colors and style options. Employees may have to wear their caps as part of their staff uniform, but we are seeing many of them wear their Flexfit snapbacks long after the work day.

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