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Skateboarding with a Flexfit cap - for young and old

by Torsten Ritscher on May 01, 2020
Skateboarding is considered a youth sport, but there are many older people who still enjoy the hobby.

In the 70s, skateboarding experienced a resurgence. Skateboards have been around since the 40s, but polyurethane skateboard wheels were developed in the 70s to increase the speed and performance of the boards.

With the popularity of the skateboard, the skateboard fashion came with loose, baggy t-shirts and pants and the wearing of baseball caps. Yupoong has been making flexfit caps that skaters like to wear for over 40 years.

Speaking to, designer and photographer Dave Snyder stated that he skateboarded in the 90s, an activity his parents disapproved of. He continued skateboarding and developing creative skills by taking photos of himself skateboarding and editing the images in Photoshop and then posting his images on a website. This eventually led to his becoming Senior Creative Director at Firstborn, an agency specializing in developing sportswear brands. Instead of skateboarding being a waste of time as his parents thought, it resulted in a well-paying career.

Dave still loves skateboarding and proudly wears his baseball cap when asked about his career. He has a few scars that show many years in the sport.

The great thing about Yupoong caps is that they are equally suitable for old and young people, and of course you don't have to skateboard to wear a Yupoong cap. Whether you opt for the dac Yupoong Dad Cap, Snapback, Delta or Camo, your age does not affect how good you look with your cap.

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