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Frequently asked questions about the Yupoong-Dad Cap

by John Doe on May 28, 2020
Dad caps have been around for decades, but are they still current today or just old-fashioned headgear?

What is a dad cap?
A dad cap is a type of cotton baseball cap. It has a low domed screen and six panels.

Are dad caps in fashion?
Dad caps got their name because they used to be the hats your dad wore and weren't particularly cool or fashionable. That changed after seeing high profile rap and hip-hop performers wearing dad caps and made them relevant to today's generation.

Who wears dad caps?
The short answer is that anyone can wear a dad hat, but in general they are for people who care about the image they convey to the world. They are for those who want to buy quality clothing that is stylish and does not become out of date in a short time.

A dad cap wearer may not be interested in the latest fashion trends, but prefers classic looks.

There is no age limit for wearing Yupoong dad caps, people of all ages and genders wear dad caps - including fathers, of course!

Should they be bare or individually designed?
Dad caps are available as unprinted or individual caps. Blank caps look stylish and come in many colors to match different outfits. The green camouflage dad cap is for people who like the military or hunter look. Black, gray and white dad caps are for those who prefer a neutral classic look. Conspicuous tones like pink and bright orange are more of a bold statement that suggests that one likes to deviate from the norm.

Many wearers prefer individual hats with distinctive logos or snappy slogans. Blank or individual? It all depends on individual preferences - one is no better than the other.

Can dad caps be part of a minimalist look?
Minimalist fashion is all about black, white, and gray, and neutral color palettes with no flashy patterns.

The average person regularly only wears 20% of their wardrobe. Minimalists have a much smaller number of items of clothing, but regularly wear everything they own. You may have one or two caps at most. The Yupoong dad cap can be worn every day, so you don't have to own another cap, unless it is another Yupoong cap in a different color.

At we embroider caps for everyone. Whether you're into fashion or not, make your dad's cap your favorite.

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