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A quick guide to the Flexfit cap size

by Torsten Ritscher on September 17, 2020
Sizing for caps may not be as accurate as it is for suits, pants, and shoes, but it is important that the cap fit.

If the cap is too tight, it is not only uncomfortable, but there is also the risk of undesirable "cap hairstyles" and one of the less than flattering indentations on the forehead by the strap. If the cap is too loose, it will look bulky on your head and feel uncomfortable, or worse, it will fall off your head if you move suddenly!

Get a head start
To understand which size and type of caps would suit you best, measure your head circumference. This is next to impossible to do on your own, so ask someone to help you.

With a tape measure, they should measure the part of your head where the hat will sit. So it's best to start right above your ear and run the band across the middle of your forehead.

Most people have a head size between 54 and 65 centimeters (21 to 25,5 inches). A medium-sized cap is usually about two to four inches tall. Use this as a guide to find out what size you need, or take a look at our Flexfit cap size chart for more information.

The size varies from one style of Flexfit to another, but adaptability and personalization are always an integral part of what we do. There are three main types of customization we offer to make your cap exactly the style you are looking for:

360 degree stretch
The basic Flexfit cap is available in two sizes - S / M or L / XL - but it fits a range of head sizes and shapes within these sizes. This is thanks to the special 360-degree technology that is included in every FlexFit model.

The YP Classics snapback range offers another solution to get a cap for multiple head sizes. This distinctive ribbon is one of the most recognizable and satisfying parts of a great looking hat.

The caps are so named because there are multiple notches on the back that you can 'snap' into holes to fit on your head - really easy!

Adjustable buckle
Another closure option is the buckle, which is available with caps such as the Yupoong Classic Adjustable.

Definitely an elegant and sophisticated choice, this option works in a similar way to the belt and buckle system you see on other garments. The buckle allows you to tighten or loosen the strap until you find the perfect fit.

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