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Three ways to wear a baseball cap

by Torsten Ritscher on August 03, 2020
For functional or fashion reasons, many of us cannot leave the house without wearing our beloved cap, but how should we wear it? Here are three of the most popular ways to wear them:

1. Peak at noon
The classic and most common way of wearing a cap is to have the peak directly in front of you, so that your eyes are protected from the sun and the entire design and logo of the cap is clearly visible to anyone who looks at you.

The look goes best with summer clothes like T-shirts, shorts and skirts, or with canvas shoes like Vans or Converse.

2. Back-to-front
Wearing a cap upside down is a look often associated with the '90s, but modern fashion icons like Taylor Lautner and Cristiano Ronaldo show that you can still wear them that way.

Wearing a hat upside down also has practical reasons, for example to avoid sunburn on the neck. Many skateboarders also prefer this style as it offers better aerodynamics and prevents the shield from obscuring the view.

3. Curving and sloping
A perfectly flat shade can look a little utilitarian, while a curved shade adds a subtle touch of style. Flexfit caps come with a specially designed Permacurve visor that allows you to bend and adjust the visor as you see fit without ruining the shape of the hat.

Likewise, some wearers prefer to wear the hat at an angle. Take a look at rapper Jay-Z who usually wears his Yankees hat a little higher on the left side of his head than the right side.

However you choose to wear your cap, Flexfit caps are designed to offer the ultimate in style and customization.

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