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Washing the cap: great tips

by Torsten Ritscher on April 10, 2020
💧 Washing the cap: brilliant tips 💧
Caps that are used frequently no longer look like new after a while. We'll show you how to wash your caps so that they look like new again.
How to wash your cap in the dishwasher
Spinning in the washing machine often breaks caps. It looks different in the dishwasher. However, pay attention to the care label and do not wash caps with a cardboard screen. How to wash your cap correctly in the dishwasher:
1. Place a round bowl upside down in the dishwasher and place your cap on it so that it cannot slip during the washing process. Tip: It is best to use the upper compartment so that the cap does not get any sauces or other leftovers.
2. Now put the dishwasher tablets or powder in the dishwasher and switch them on as usual. It is best to avoid overly dirty dishes during this washing process, so that the cap looks like new again.
Wash sensitive caps properly by hand
If you are unsure whether your cap can be washed in the washing machine or dishwasher, it is best to wash it by hand. You can find information about this on the care label. If it is a question of caps that have been reinforced with a cardboard umbrella, you should also refrain from hand washing. How to wash your caps properly by hand:
1. Fill a container with cold or lukewarm water. You can use a bowl as well as a sink or the bathtub.
2. Add a little washing powder to the water and distribute it so that it dissolves completely.
3. Now soak the cap in the water. How long depends on how dirty your cap is. If you notice any coarse soiling, you can remove it with an old toothbrush before soaking.
4. Rinse the foam from the cap and use lukewarm water again. You can remove further dirt from the cap at the same time.
5. Carefully dab the cap with a towel and then let the cap dry in the fresh air. If you put the cap on a bowl or other cap or wear it on your head while it is drying, it will keep its shape.

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