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Hats are a natural part of everyday life. The selection is huge, everyone will find something there. A special plus point: having hats embroidered is inexpensive and gives a great result. Beanies embroidered with logos are rightly popular. The "we" feeling is strengthened, especially in companies and associations. The embroidered company logo comes into its own on beanies and is not overlooked by anyone. Embroidered beanies or embroidered winter hats also shine with convincing thermal insulation. Hats are standard equipment not only on winter holidays. The club logo is embroidered into the fabric and an important part of the team outfit is ready.

Design hats with the online configurator

With us, the customer has the opportunity to design his hats individually. Logos and lettering can be uploaded and then positioned as desired. The hats are embroidered with high-quality polyester threads in the colors of your choice. Since the embroidery thread is sewn tightly to the fabric of the hat, the embroidery will not come off. Even after many washes and daily use, the individual stick remains colorful. Simply design it online and have the hat embroidered. The right hat for every season and activity. In the past, wearing a hat was reserved for the cold season. The trend of the last few years shows, however, that hats have become a daily style all year round. Fashionable beanies made of thin polyacrylic have also become popular in warmer temperatures. The embroidery does not stop at airier materials either. We can also embroider hats that are labeled 'summer beanie'. Winter hats with or without a bobble are recommended as a warming element. You have probably already figured it out: We can of course also easily embroider winter hats.

MSTRDS Jersey Beanie - Chocolate

€ 14,90